Essential Elements of Diamond Power Electronics (EEDPE)


Energy efficiency is a clean and cost-effective resource significantly less expensive than investing in additional energy generation systems. For instance, the simple replacement of incandescent lamps by compact fluorescents and LEDs has decreased lighting energy consumption by more than 75% [1]. European countries have recognized energy efficiency as a priority and a strategic area in investment for a modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy [2]. With the ever increasing global warming, there is an urgent need for more energy efficient systems, e.g. a new efficient power electronic devices. Fabrication of energy-efficient power electronic devices is a key technology in energy saving in the transportation, the distribution and the use of electrical energy. The market of power electronic is dominated by silicon devices [3]. However, wide band gap semiconductors will replace silicon in next-generations of power electronic devices due to their enormous potentiality to save energy. Amongst the wide band gap semiconductors, diamond is intrinsically most suited for the next generation of power electronic devices thanks to its outstanding properties (see table 1) [4]. Diamond allow the fabrication of smaller, faster and more efficient high voltage and high current density power devices operating at higher temperature. The objective of this project is to substantially increase the performances of diamond power Schottky diode based on the most recent results and emerging research directions in the synthesis and the processing of diamond.