Epoch-making ferroic fluids based multi-functional materials (FerroFluid)

The target of our project is the development of epoch-making multi-functional materials based on ferroic fluids, such as nematic and/or columnar ferroelectrics, as well as their novel application as devices. The consortium consists of four teams, one from Japan and three from Visegrad countries. To maximize the synergetic effect in the collaborative research among these four teams, we set three ambitious and strategic subjects as the end-of project goals, according to each team’s field of expertise; (1) Development of a new class of ferroic fluid materials; (2) Design of hybrid, organic-based mutliferroic materials with atomic precision, based on the ferroic fluids; (3) Application of these ferroic fluids for nano-devices, such as highperformance organic solar cells and/or high density memories. The project is substantially based on the strong international collaboration, interdisciplinary contribution, mentoring and transfer of knowledge on soft material sciences and related technologies. The main participating members are cutting-edge specialists in the soft matter field, experienced scholars and early-stage scientists, which are a perfect mix of energy and eagerness with expertise and experience. The Japanese team will be responsible for advanced measurements, simulation and application-related evaluation. The Polish team will coordinate integration of ferroic fluids into multiferroic materials and solar cell preparation, as well as advanced structural analysis. The Hungarian team will conduct dynamic measurements including rheology and photo-responses. The Czech team is in charge of the strategical molecular design and synthesis of new ferroic fluids and photosensitive molecules.