Development of E-mode III-Nitride devices for Energy Optimized Agile Power Electronics


The proposed project aims for the exploitation of enhancement (E) - mode gallium nitride (GaN) transistors designs for advanced energy efficient switched power supplies. High voltage normally-off GaN power devices on Si substrates in lateral and vertical device architecture will be developed and its technology transferred to an industrial environment. The devices are planned to be reliably operated at elevated junction temperatures. The research extends from optimization of TCAD device simulation, device fabrication and characterization. It needs the expertise of power semiconductor technology, especially GaN power device technology including GaN epitaxy growth on Si/Al2O3/SiC as well as sophisticated device characterization techniques, and power electronic system design. Thus, successful realization of the research targets will help in generating device guidelines for E-mode GaN devices on Silicon for power circuit application. The Czech team will work extensively on GaN epitaxial growth on Si/Al2O3/SiC and subsequent characterization (TEM, SEM, AFM, Hall, PL, XRD) of the grown material, whereas in Indian side the device simulation (NIT Meghalaya), device fabrication (CEERI-Pillani) and device characterization (IIT Roorkee) will be done.