Center of Analyses of Functional Materials (SAFMAT)


The goal of the SAFMAT project center is mainly the development of research and development capabilities, including research infrastructure and human capital in the areas of nanotechnologies. RI SAFMAT is a strategic project of the Institute of Physics of the ASCR (FZU) aiming at strengthening its capability to carry out a competitive interdisciplinary research on the crossroads between the physics, materials science, engineering and medicine, particularly in the areas of surface analysis of functional materials, materials for medical devices and biomaterials. The services offered to the R&D community will consist in targeted research focusing advanced functional materials for optics, engineering and power engineering as well as materials for medical devices, biomaterials and applications of physics in medicine. Besides development of novel materials technologies requested by the users, the services will mainly cover variety of characterisation in laboratories of electron paramagnetic resonance, electron microscopy and nano-machining, nano-electron spectroscopy for chemical and structural analyses, atomic force microscopy and spectral elipsometry. The research in RI SAFMAT are particularly focused on novel engineering materials and coatings possessing special functionalities as e.g. shape memory alloys, multiferroics, functional surfaces/coatings of medical devices and implants, 2D materials, magnetic and feroellectric materials and scintilators.All the unique equipments and methods introduced within the RI SAFMAT will be operated in open access user regime for the R&D community. Ultimately, main beneficiaries will be Czech innovative SMEs active in relatively wide range of industrial sectors (e.g. production of medical devices and implants and scintilators production).