Center of Analyses of Functional Materials (SAFMAT)


SAFMAT is a strategic project of the Institute of Physics of the ASCR (FZÚ), which aims to strengthen the ability to conduct competitive interdisciplinary research on the border of physics, materials science, medicine, especially in the areas of functional materials analysis and characterization of surfaces and volume defects. In addition to the preparation of optical crystals and thin films by physical methods, we will focus on a comprehensive analysis of their properties. The high-tech equipped experimental laboratories of the project will be the basis for professional analyzes in order to understand the observed phenomena. Subsequently, we propose suitable technological procedures and procedures for maximum functionality of materials in a given application, such as the development of new materials for scintillators, characterization of surfaces / coatings of biomaterials or thin layers of Heusler alloys, thin layers of optical materials and chemical sensors. For this research, we plan to expand the existing Laboratory of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) with a new unconventional technique of electrically detected EPR, which will create a completely new unique workplace. This will lead to a significant synergistic effect, which will enable the use of the capacity in FZÚ for research and development of materials for medicine and modern diagnostic and treatment methods. The main challenge is the interdisciplinarity of this research, which includes, in addition to the existing physical, material and technical background at FZÚ, also biological, physical and physico-chemical approaches, for which appropriate experimental and conditions will be created with the help of the presented project at FZÚ.

This project is co-financed by EU.