Anti-reflective and Ultra high absorber metamaterials for solar thermal systems (AAS)


The aim of the project is to develop an ultra-high absorber from UV to mid-infrared wavelength. Firstly, the project members will focus on the development of black metals using Al, Au, Pd, and Ni. Black metals will mainly absorb in UV and visible wavelength region but not in the Infrared region. Then dielectric nanolayers will be deposited onto the black metals in order to increase the absorbance in far infrared region. Effect of the thickness of the dielectric layer onto the optical properties will be performed. Several dielectrics will be tested like SiO2, Al2O3, VO2, and V2O3. Metal-dielectric multilayers will be deposited onto the black metal. In parallel, new thermochromic materials will be developed and studied to get thermochromic effects which can be modulated by the chemical composition of the materials for instance. Finally, both will be coupled in order to develop an absorber converting light energy into heat with control of the temperature of the absorber by a thermochromic layer