Advanced Plasmonic Biosensor for Continuous Monitoring of Low Molecular Weight Analytes


The proposed multidisciplinary project embraces the fields of nanophotonics and biomaterials research. It particularly focuses on new class of biosensor technologies that are suitable for continuous monitoring of low molecular weight analytes, which are attractive for the analysis of therapeutic drugs with narrow therapeutic range. The proposed agenda builds up on hybrid plasmonic materials that combine tailored metallic nanostructures with advanced surface architectures resistant to fouling from complex bodily fluids. The project brings together complementary teams pursuing research on optical affinity biosensors (Dr. Jakub Dostalek) and synthesis for low-fouling surfaces and functionalization (Prof. Chun Jen Huang) to deliver novel type of biointerfaces that are suitable for probing of target biomolecules by tightly confined localized surface plasmons, and biosensor concepts that hold potential to revolutionize the field of wearable, skin contacted, and implanted sensor technologies