Ongoing projects:

GAMA 2 - support of the proof-of-concept and commercialization at the FZU 

STIMUL - we participate in activity 6 (strategic set-up and development of cross-sectoral cooperation and technology transfer)

HR Award -  we participate in activity E (strategic set-up and development of cross-sectoral cooperation)

OP Praha - pól růstu - Advanced methods for food safety

OP Praha - pól růstu - Non-destructive methods of monument testing


Terminated projects:

GAMA - increase in the efficiency of the system of commercialization at the FZU 

OP Praha - pól růstu - Effective use of waste heat

Protection of intellectual property rights - patent protection of selected projects at the FZU

RI2INTEGRATE - impact of large research infrastructures on the development of regions

D-STIR - responsible research in Podunají region 

NPU - we participate in the project in the area of technology transfer