Laser Induced Damage Treshold Group (LIDT)

Ing. Jan Vanda, Ph.D.

Employee function
Head of Working Group
+420 314 00 77 47
jan.vanda [at]
Dolní Břežany (HiLASE)

We provide state-of-the-art testing of materials and components on resistance to laser irradiation at controlled conditions – Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT). A number of LIDT procedures are available, based on ISO standard 21254 series or customized according to specific needs. We have established a Quality Management System for materials testing on Laser Induced Damage Threshold and our LIDT laboratory has received the ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE (valid until March 2024).

The facility is ready for various samples, independent of shape and size up to 100x100x100 mm and weight up to 2 kg. Upon request, it is possible to adapt equipment for large aperture samples up to 6’’. Testing can be done in the ambient ISO class 6 clean environment, in the vacuum, or in the presence of non-corrosive gasses. The facility is equipped with a cryogenically cooled sample holder offering tests at temperatures down to 70 K. We offer precise ISO-compliant metrology and monitoring of the whole test, pre-and post-test inspection, and in-situ damage observation using state-of-the-art tools, as fast-camera in-situ microscopy, fluorescence spectra detection, and laser scanning confocal microscope inspection.


Lasers currently available for testing:

Name Bivoj Perla 20
Wavelength 1030 nm 1030 nm
Pulse length 10 ns 1.7 ps
Repetition rate 10 Hz 1 kHz
Availabe energy 5 J 6,5 mJ
Beam shape square, top-hat round, Gaussian
Beam size 20×20 15