Multi wavelengths laser-induced damage


Beside already mentioned goals, this project also as a goal to establish a collaboration between HILASE and Institute Fresnel. This collaboration is in line with European policy proposed in a teaming of one well establish laboratory (Institute Fresnel) and one new laboratory (the HiLASE canter). As consequence, this first step cooperation will easily lead in such more advance project cooperation in the near future. Additionally, this international scientific team planned to extend cooperation to other European groups, which are active in the field to participate in joint research as Laser Zentrum Hannover in Germany and Laser Research Center of Vilnius University. We believe that increased and structured collaboration between these groups could result in very strong European research consortium that could create a critical mass of knowledge. In that way it would be possible to counterbalance the European contribution to the field of laser-matter interaction if compared to the groups from Asian and American countries.