Development of DUV seed laser for semiconductor lithography using solid-state laser amplifier at 1485 nm


The project focuses on development of a functional sample of a solid-state seed laser amplifier emiting in mid-infrared and tunable from 1 475 nm to 1 495 nm. The project includes identification of an appropriate laser gain medium, development of a new cooling geometry withstanding high thermal load of the laser, design and construction of a suitable pump source, and construction of the amplifier module in a compact housing. Indicator of reaching project goals is succesfull amplification of nanosecond laser pulses at 1 485 nm to average power of >5 W. The developed amplifier module will be integrated as a part of a commercial DUV excimer light source for semiconductor litography (Gigaphoton, available 2023), or will be offered in customized MIR lasers for biotech. or industry by Hilase.