Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics (PALS Centre)

Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Materials irradiation: from basics to applications (MAMBA) running EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-SE Nikita Medvedev, MSc., Ph.D. 2023 2027
Observations of exceptional points in atomic physics using XUV laser pulses GACR » Standard Mgr. Petra Ruth Kaprálová, Ph.D. 2020 2023
Towards AbloCAM: fundamental approaches to automated ablation-desorption imprinting of focused X-ray laser beams GACR » Standard Mgr. Jaromír Chalupský, Ph.D. 2020 2022
Disrupce elektrického proudu a disipace magnetické energie při urychlení elektronů a iontů v z-pinčovém plazmatu GACR » Standard RNDr. Josef Krása, CSc. 2019 2021
Plasma and XUV reprocessing of planetary atmospheres: What can we expect on young exoplanets? (EXOP) GACR » Standard Ing. Libor Juha, CSc. 2019 2021
The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures II (LASERLAB-EUROPE) running EU-Horizon2020 » Research Infrastructures Ing. Karel Jungwirth, DrSc. 2019 2023
Investigation of Structure and Equation of State of Warm Dense Matter (WDM DAAD) AVCR (CAS) » Mobility Projects 2018 2019
Plasma optics for ultra-intense laser physics experiments GACR » Standard 2018 2020
Výzkum v rámci Mezinárodního centra hustého magnetizovaného plazmatu (ICDMP) MEYS » INTER-TRANSFER Ing. Libor Juha, CSc. 2018 2021
Micro/nano-pružinou zesílená fotoakustiká detekce: přístroje, metody a aplikace GACR » Standard Mgr. Jaromír Chalupský, Ph.D. 2017 2019
Vznik života na Zemi a ve vesmíru - experiment a teorie (OLf) GACR » Standard Ing. Libor Juha, CSc. 2017 2019
Mechanismy urychlení iontů v deuteriových z-pinčích GACR » Standard RNDr. Josef Krása, CSc. 2016 2018