Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics (PALS Centre)


The laser spark of life recognized by the Czech Science Foundation


Humans in every civilisation have always been intrigued by the question of the origin of life. During thousands of years, numerous answers have been provided by mystics and clerics. Then, philosophers offered their own speculative solutions of this conundrum. Science entered the field not long ago. Systematic investigations of physical and chemical phenomena, which likely played a role in the origin of life, began in the middle of last century. Currently, it represents a strong research stream wherein also our Institute participates.

Busy children are happy children


One of the prerequisites for worker satisfaction is their being able to balance their work and family life at the workplace. An uneasy task for which the Institute of Physics, as an employer, has looked for and found an effective solution.

Laser-target experiments at PALS


Josef Krása (Institute of Physics, CAS, Czech Republic) – presents on the International Conferences on Research and Applications of Plasmas the results of the laser-target experiments.