Brain 4 Industry (B4I) (EDIH B4I)


he DIH Brain 4 Industry (B4I) was established in 2019 as a support tool to enhance the competitiveness of business through the introduction of digitization, ATI and advanced production technologies in business or production processes. B4I services target mostly SMEs that form the basic structure of the Czech industry. The scope of services corresponds to the specific conditions of the Czech Republic especially to the high contribution of the manufacturing industry to the creation of added value – in 2019 EU 28: 16.6%; CR: 24.8%, Central Bohemian Region: 37.6% (OECD report). The mix of services offered by B4I is well balanced with respect to specific needs of our clients and partners. It is in compliance with strategic goal. B4I services are flexible and rely not on internal expertise as well as on our extensive network of external experts. The B4I consortium consists of partners that have (i) unique technological expertise in the area of digitization, AI, 3D printing, lasers and new materials; (ii) already existing network of clients from the SME sector; (iii) experience and ability with developing and delivering value added market and client consulting services. This mix of expertise under one roof guarantees that B4I can achieve complex goals in EDIH project. The B4I is an integral part of the STAR region with the presence of top science and applied research and technological and innovative companies. STAR has a functional innovation eco-system. B4I consortium has developed a strong linkages to other important actors in the innovation ecosystem in other regions in CR. We can use it not only in exchanging experience but also in developing new services, generate network of external experts and also exchanging clients between the centers.