MXenes: plasmon-assisted surface modification and properties tuning (MAXSURF)


MXenes represent new class of 2D materials with large application potential. Their general formula is Mn+1XnTx (n=1–3), where M represents an early transition metal, X is carbon or nitrogen and Tx stands for the surface terminations by hydroxyl, oxygen or fluorine. The electronic properties and application potential of different MXenes are strictly defined by the nature of surface terminated chemical groups. Inspired by this fact, we propose the method for grafting of MXene flakes with utilization of plasmon-assistance for additional attachment or substitution of terminated groups on MXene surfaces. It is expected that changing the surface termination will lead to significant tuning of MXene functional properties and expand/enhance the range of their potential applications. We will also use modified MXene flakes for preparation of novel hybrid structures and their subsequent implementation in the range of advanced applications, such as the creation of electrochemically active layers for water splitting, sensors, hydrogen oxidation, CO2 conversion, lithium/sodium ions accumulation.