Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Thin-film tensometric sensors with high sensitivity and durability prepared by magnetron sputtering (Senzor) running TACR » TREND Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2023 2026
Transmission optical elements for securing banknotes and documents using selective deposition of a thin-film structure MIT » Other Mgr. Zdeněk Hubička, Ph.D. 2022 2023
Innovative plasma-chemical and chemical synthesis of nickel-containing mixed oxide catalysts for the oxidation of volatile organic pollutants running GACR » Standard Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2021 2023
Minimal Fab "Design" of the plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition system (Minimal Fab ALD) TACR » DELTA 2 Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2020 2022
Advanced diagnostics of reactive HiPIMS plasma for deposition of oxide, nitride and sulphide layers GACR » Standard Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2019 2021
Research and development of novel pulsed plasma technologies for deposition of advanced thin-film materials MIT » TRIO Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2018 2021
Advanced preparation of catalytically active oxides on metal supports using plasma deposition and chemical methods GACR » Standard Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2017 2019
Planar optical structures and security elements based on multilayer systems MIT » TRIO Mgr. Zdeněk Hubička, Ph.D. 2017 2021
Research of systems with photocathode and photoanode for solar water decomposition (GACR) GACR » Standard Mgr. Zdeněk Hubička, Ph.D. 2017 2019
Research and development of a new plasma activated ALD deposition system with a unique source of low-temperature plasma based on a microwave surfatron and ECWR discharge. TACR » DELTA Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2016 2019
Research and development of advanced PVD/PECVD low-temperature plasma system for deposition of functional thin and thick TiO2 films for industrial applications TACR » DELTA RNDr. Jiří Olejníček, Ph.D. 2015 2018
Study of pulsed plasma systems for thin film deposition for photonic applications GACR » Standard Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D. 2015 2017