Group of plasma diagnostics and thin film analysis

Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D.

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+420 266 05 2418, +420 266 05 2995, +420 266 05 2456
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The group focuses on advanced diagnostics of low-temperature plasma in plasma systems mainly intended for thin film deposition. The crucial diagnostic methods include the Langmuir probe, energy-resolved mass spectroscopy, optical emission spectroscopy, measurement of ion flux on a substrate (Sobolewski probe), optical absorption spectroscopy or measurement of the number of deposited particles in the form of neutrals or ions (Ionmeter). All the above methods also allow time-resolved measurements with a resolution of at least 1 µs.

The acquired plasma parameters are then used to further optimization of deposition processes in magnetron sputtering, thin film deposition using a plasma jet or in the PEALD process working with microwave surfatron or ICP plasma.