Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Brain 4 Industry (B4I) (EDIH B4I) running Other programs » Other International Programs Ing. Alexandr Dejneka, Ph.D. 2023 2025
National centre of competence for Materials, Advanced Technologies, Coatings and their Applications (NCK MATCA) running TACR » NCK Ing. Tomáš Jetmar 2023 2028
Advanced Plasmonic Biosensor for Continuous Monitoring of Low Molecular Weight Analytes running GACR » International Bilateral Jakub Dostálek, PhD. 2022 2024
Elucidating and eliminating biosensor fouling via 3D nanostructured polymer brush microarrays running GACR » Standard Nicholas Scott Lynn Jr., Ph.D. 2022 2024
Life of a single biomolecule in a motion picture running GACR » Standard Ing. Barbora Špačková, Ph.D. 2022 2024
Mechanical Regulation of Mitochondria Function and Glycolysis in Liver Cancer Cells running GACR » Standard Mgr. Oleg Lunov, Ph.D. 2022 2024
Polaronic ferroelectric films for neuromorphic systems running GACR » Standard doc. Mgr. Marina Tjunina, Ph.D. 2022 2024
Rapid Nanofluidics Valves for Single-Molecule Imaging (RAVASI) running EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-PF Ing. Barbora Špačková, Ph.D. 2022 2024
Versatile Amplification Method for Single-Molecule Detection in Liquid Biopsy (VersiliB) running EU-Horizon Europe » EIC Pathfinder Open Jakub Dostálek, PhD. 2022 2026
Advanced Functional Polymer Brushes in Complex Biological Fluids running GACR » Standard RNDr. Hana Lísalová, Ph.D. 2021 2023
Biosensors for sustainable industrial production (BIOSIP) ESIF » OP Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness RNDr. Hana Lísalová, Ph.D. 2021 2022
Brain 4 Industry – Innovation centre (B4I) running ESIF » OP Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness Ing. Alexandr Dejneka, Ph.D. 2021 2023