The newly established Laboratory of Functional Biointerfaces focuses on advancing the current knowledge of interfacial biomolecular interactions in their native environments, as well as the development of novel functional biomaterials for various biomedical applications. Our investigative approaches involve employing a broad range of biofunctional surface characterization techniques combined with bioanalytical, chemical, and biochemical methods. This highly interdisciplinary infrastructural and knowledge base enables establishing a robust platform for solving exciting research tasks. Our investigation efforts also encompasses the development of new methodologies to elucidate biointerfacial interactions phenomena such as novel approaches to probing functional coatings architectures, as well as molecular-level studies on surface-mediated biomolecular interactions dynamics. The research addresses current topics in biophysics, biology, molecular biology, and bioengineering.


Figure 1: Illustration of studies on surface interactions with living cells   


Figure 2: Illustration of investigating surface interactions with complex blood plasma samples