The research is focused on synthesis, fundamental understanding, and innovative applications of perovskite oxide films and heterostructures. We aim at intelligent engineering of thin-film structures with unprecedented optical, electronic, mechanical, and other functional responses.


Key present directions include: (1) unrivaled elastooptic, electrooptic, and photorefractive properties in ferroelectric films; (2) strong electromechanical activity using ferroelectric films; (3) phenomenal charge transport using metal-to-insulator transition in ferroelectric-based and nickelate films; (4) control of ferroelectric domains for energy storage and conversion.

In our investigations, we employ state-of-the-art synthesis, characterization, and modeling techniques, which are available in our group and through cooperation with the groups of M. Jelinek, J. Lancok, Z. Hubicka, M. Klementova.