Photobiomodulation of cellular functions in 3D culture modalities


Physics-based biomedical approaches have proved their importance for the advancements of medical sciences and especially in medical diagnostics and treatments. In particular, low power red and near-infrared lasers showed some beneficial effects in a wide range of treatments from ophthalmology to oncology. However, those technologies need to prove if they can actually meet the high expectations in evidence based medicine controlled health care systems. Additionally, current versions of organoids have clear limitations, e.g., innervation, blood vessels, and immune cells are absent, and as a consequence, physiological processes are only partially recapitulated. Yet it is anticipated that the potent self-organizing properties of organoids may extend beyond their current boundaries and allow the proper incorporation of additional cellular elements. Therefore, combination of sustainable 3D culture models with photobiomodulation will provide a boost in the research of physics-based biomedical approaches.
Thus, we will study in great details the molecular mechanisms of triggered cellular responses by photobiomodulation.