Center of applied research and development MATCA


The NCK MATCA working group operates within the B4I Center for Digital Innovation at FZU.


The mission of the National Centre of Competence for Materials, Advanced Technologies, Coatings and their Applications (MATCA) is to provide technological solutions regardless of the complexity of the problem - including ad-hoc issues with possible long-term production and society-wide challenges. NCC MATCA  established a consortium with experts from the industrial and academic world who use a extensive experimental and production framework to create new and innovative solutions. These are realized in the form of joint projects or services.

NCC MATCA develops projects in the following  areas: 3D printing, plasma, laser, surface treatment, simulation, analysis and digitization.

The center is especially focused on additive manufacturing, plasma and laser technologies. Strategic leadership and development of these technologies are necessary, because they have an impact on industry, economy and security.

As part of long-term research and development projects, NCC MATCA covers the entire product life cycle - from smart design, to production, repair and maintenance of functional properties for the disposal of hazardous waste.

We cover the entire product life cycle from smart design to safe waste disposal.

In addition to research, development and services, NCC MATCA also focuses on popularizing and educating students and the professional community.

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