Group of diamond thin films and carbon nano-structures

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Deposition system Aixtron P6 with ellipsoidal cavity resonator and the large area deposition system AK 400 in configuration with linear antennas.


Within the group of diamond thin films and carbon nano-structures we are dealing with fundamental as well as application-oriented research containing topics like:

  • Chemical vapor deposition of diamond films on various substrates at high (250 mbar) and low (0.1 mbar) pressures and high (1100 °C) and low (250 °C) temperatures.
  • Large area (up to 600 cm2) deposition of diamond and diamond-like carbon (DLC) films and carbon nanotubes by linear antenna plasma system.
  • Nucleation of non-diamond substrates by various techniques (ultrasonic seeding, polymer composites, spin coating) for tailored growth of polycrystalline diamond films.
  • Patterned growth of polycrystalline diamond structures (IDT structures, transistor channels, TLM structures).
  • Nano-patterning of diamond thin films by reactive ion etching or by selective area deposition with assistance of electron/optical lithography.
  • Research & development of electrically passive and/or active biocompatible substrates for regenerative medicine.
  • Research & development of electronic and optical demonstrators (gas sensor, IS FET, biosensors, high temperature piezoresistors, vibrating membranes, SAW elements, optical resonators, etc.).
  • Research & development of high power electronic devices combining diamond and GaN/SiC/AlN, etc.
  • Electrochemical and catalytic purification & cleaning & disinfection of contaminated water using diamond electrodes.
  • Research & development of photonic and quantum elements based on photoluminescence of optically active color centers (Si, N, Ni, Er, etc.).