Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Spin polarized zinc oxide nanostructures (SPZNOZ) running GACR » International Bilateral Mgr. Zdeněk Remeš, Ph.D. 2024 2026
Advanced nanocomposites for distributed sensors of harmful radiation running GACR » Standard Ing. Vítězslav Jarý, Ph.D. 2023 2025
Detectors of ionizing radiation in the environment (ENVIDET) running TACR » TREND prof. Ing. Martin Nikl, CSc. 2023 2026
Effective elimination of drug residues in water using photocatalytic degradation (Danube) running MEYS » Other Mgr. Zdeněk Remeš, Ph.D. 2023 2025
Electric-field control of spin-qubits in quantum paraelectrics running GACR » Standard Ing. Valentyn Laguta, DrSc. 2023 2025
Hybrid Nanocomposite Scintillators for Transformational Breakthroughs in Radiation Detection and Neutrino Research (UNICORN) running EU-Horizon Europe » Ostatní prof. Ing. Martin Nikl, CSc. 2023 2027
Physics for Future (P4F) running EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-COFUND prof. Ing. Martin Nikl, CSc. 2023 2028
Scintillating multimodal materials and quantum heterostructures. running GACR » Standard doc. RNDr. Eva Mihóková, CSc. 2023 2025
Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites of transition metal oxides with potential application for remediation of environmental loads (Mobility) running AVCR (CAS) » Mobility Plus Projects Mgr. Zdeněk Remeš, Ph.D. 2023 2024
Integration of processes and moDules for the 2nm node meeting Power Performance Area and Cost requirements (ID2PPAC) running EU-Horizon2020 » Other prof. Ing. Martin Nikl, CSc. 2021 2024
Nanostructured conducting boron doped diamond electrodes for electrochemical studies AVCR (CAS) » Mobility Plus Projects prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2021 2022
Preventing, countering, and investigating terrorist attacks through prognostic, detection, and forensic mechanisms for explosive precursors (ODYSSEUS) running EU-Horizon2020 » Other Mauro F. Pereira, Ph.D. 2021 2023