Ing. Vítězslav Jarý, Ph.D.

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Head of Working Group
+420 220 318 440, +420 220 318 416
jary [at]
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A 121
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In the group of Luminescence and scintillation materials the research of new promising materials suitable for the detection of ionizing radiation (so-called scintillation materials) or for the construction of tuneable white light sources based on LED is being carried out. The main focus is the utilization of methods of time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy for the study of luminescence and scintillation characteristics of solids with a wide band gap in the form of bulk single crystals, ceramics, microcrystalline powders, glasses, thin films or (nano)composite materials. The group also deals with the point defect spectroscopy, study of the trapping states in the forbidden band, energy transfer processes in luminescence and scintillation mechanisms, and last but not least, modification of the optical properties of a solid due to the quantum size effect.

Research activities:

  1. Research and development of new scintillation materials in the form of single crystals, ceramics, thin films or microcrystalline powders
  2. Development of new nanocomposite scintillation materials
  3. Research and development of new phosphors for solid state LED applications
  4. Phosphors usable for the construction of solid-state lasers