Efficient Ultrafast Scintillation of KLuS2:Pr3+ Phosphor: A Candidate for Fast-Timing Applications


Here, we present the Pr3+-doped KLuS2 single crystalline material as potentially interesting superfast X-ray phosphor. An elevated effective atomic number (Zeff = 59) and density (ρ = 4.69 g.cm−3); a scintillation light yield estimated to be at least 7200 ph/MeV with a leading scintillation decay time under 1 ns; efficient energy transfer from the host to Pr3+ centers; and a lower band gap, relative to oxide-based materials, are intrinsic advantages of Pr3+-doped KLuS2. Furthermore, the number of photons emitted in the first nanosecond of the scintillation response is considerably higher (1.6–2.5 times) than that in the commercial LYSO:Ce, Ca scintillator, which shows the potential of Pr3+-doped KLuS2 for fast-timing scintillator applications.

(a) Room temperature radioluminescence spectra (40 kV, 15 mA) of KLuS2:Pr 0.05% and BGO (Bi4Ge3O12) standard scintillation material; (b) Room temperature scintillation decay of KLuS2:Pr 0.5%.