Advanced optical nanomaterials and composites research group


The Advanced Optical Nanomaterials and Composites Group, the part of the FZU – Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Maksym Buryi is aimed at the synthesis and characterization of different optical oxides and halides nanomaterial systems with the potential for application as ultrafast scintillators, light emitting diodes, photocatalyst and photovoltaic devices. Besides, the bulk optical and ferroelectric or magnetic materials fabricated in the organic or inorganic crystalline or amorphous forms appear at the cross-hair of the group interests as well. The group members are skilful in the abovementioned materials characterization with photoluminescence, photodeflection spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance and related techniques as well as nuclear magnetic resonance as confirmed by the related publications. Particular accent is put on the determination of the new materials optical and (para)magnetic properties. These include:

  • (i) characterization of the emission centers (intrinsic or extrinsic, e.g., dopants), their charge state and localization in lattice;
  • (ii) investigation of the defect states (thermally stable and unstable, e.g., charge trapping centers) and their influence on the luminescence, scintillation and conduction abilities;
  • (iii) study of the thermal and plasma treatment effects on the abovementioned materials;
  • (iv) investigation of the phase transitions.

Altogether, this creates the solid base for the efficient synthesis of the new materials with the desirable properties. The group has broad collaboration with the domestic and foreign scientific and educational institutions as well as industry (Czech Technical University, Charles University in Prague, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Milano-Bicocca University in Italy, Scintillation materials research center, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, NUVIA, industrial company aimed at scintillators production, Czechia, Seaborough company aimed at nanoscintillators, Netherlands etc.).