Group of preparation of optical materials and thermal analysis

Ing. Jan Pejchal, Ph.D.

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Head of Working Group
+420 220 318 557, +420 220 318 429
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The group focuses on the search and preparation of materials - crystals, nanostructures and glasses - of high quality and purity with interesting optical properties, with the prospect of their use as near-infrared lasers and as so-called scintillators used in neutron, gamma and X-ray detection in industry, medicine, safety and other applications.

The group also deals with the preparation of model crystalline systems for the study of luminescence or scintillation mechanisms. Physico-chemical properties of prepared materials are studied using various methods of thermal analysis.

Research activities:

  1. Preparation of crystals of complex oxides
  2. Preparation of halide crystals
  3. Preparation of phosphate glasses