Laboratoř skenovací elektronové mikroskopie a optické mikroskopie

About us

Mgr. Pavla Bauerová

Employee function
Head of Laboratory
+420 220 318 433, +420 220 318 460, +420 220 318 507
bauerova [at]
C 210/6
F 33
C 205/6

Laboratory activity

Laboratory of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) serves as a service laboratory for Department 26, 27 and 36. The scope of the lab´s activity includes the characterization and quality control of materials investigated at these departments at the micro and nanoscale. The laboratory focuses on the observation and characterization of diamond and silicon nanoparticles, graphene-based structures, silicon nanowires as well as diamond and perovskite thin films which are the new promising materials to be used in optics and photovoltaics

The lab is also used for science promotion among pupils and students. The public has an opportunity to try to operate the SEM on their own on the occasion of Open Door Days or during a special programme called “Nanoworld Detective”.

Images of the butterfly wing taken with laboratory equipment.

Images of the butterfly wing taken with laboratory equipment.