Mgr. Martin Míšek, Ph.D.

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Head of Laboratory
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Equipment of the Magnetic laboratory allows very accurate and sensitive characterization of magnetic, electronic and transport properties of materials in a broad range of sample-environment conditions – temperature (2-400K, in some configurations up to 800K), high magnetic fields (up to 14T) and high hydrostatic pressures (up to 10 GPa). The key instrument is the SQUID – based magnetometer (MPMS7, Quantum Design), which currently represents the most sensitive commercially available system for measuring the magnetization. Magnetic laboratory closely collaborates with the Laboratory of Physics at extreme conditions, creating a line of unique measurement opportunities with a combination of extreme temperatures, pressures, magnetic fields and e.g. laser irradiation of the measured sample.

Both laboratories are primarily used by the members of the Department of Magnetics and Superconductors in an investigation of various modern fields of condensed matter research (thermoelectrics, magnetocaloric, superconductors, nanoparticles for biomedicine applications, more details can be found on the websites of individual groups). Members of the Magnetism laboratory focus mostly on the novel phenomena on the border of magnetic ordering (e.g. quantum critical behaviour), where the excellent sensitivity of the instruments is thoroughly utilized. Given the extremely broad use of magnetism in modern technologies, the Magnet Laboratory is amply used by several departments across our Institute and the collaborating institutions, with extremely rich variety of studied materials and phenomena. It is also a part of MGML (, the project of large research infrastructures financed by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, which provides a broad range of sample preparation and characterization techniques to its users.