Composite nanoparticles with magnetically and light activated release of biologically active compounds


The project is devoted to the synthesis of composite nanosystems whose magnetic cores based on ferrites will be coated by complex architectures with non-covalently attached biologically active compounds. The functional component of the shell will consist of thermoresponsive polymers with phase transition at 40-50 °C combined with hexaferrite nanoplates or gold nanostructures, which will enable specific mechanisms of activation. After application of an alternating magnetic field of suitable parameters, rotational relaxation of the hexaferrite nanoplates or even pronounced heating effect of the ferrite cores will occur, leading to the controlled release of therapeutic agents. Alternatively, the heating effect will be achieved by surface plasmon resonance of the gold nanostructures excited by light in the Vis/NIR region. In addition, the ferrite cores will guarantee strong contrast effect in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Physical studies of the nanosystems will be carried out together with studies of biocompatibility and functionality in vitro, with ultimate goal of testing in vivo. Cíle projektu anglicky Development of nanoparticles with magnetic cores and complex thermosensitive shells that enable controlled drug release upon activation by alternating magnetic field or light in the Vis/NIR region. The prepared systems will be subjected to studies of physical properties and biological effects.