Complex magnetic nanoparticles with monodisperse oxide cores and stable organic corona for biological research and biomedical applications


The work will be devoted to the preparation and study of complex magnetic nanoparticles with precisely controlled properties, enhanced chemical stability and biocompatible organic corona for biological and biomedical applications, particularly for MRI and magnetically induced hyperthermia. The reliable control of the magnetic properties will be accomplished by monodisperse magnetic cores of various ferrites and La1-xSrxMnO3 manganite with tunable composition and size. These magnetic cores, exhibiting self-controlled heating in AC magnetic field and exceptionally high spin-spin relaxivity, will be coated by the primary silica layer. After formation of highly stable interface the PEG chains will be attached covalently. The extensive characterizations and detailed magnetic measurements will be carried out comparing the results also with the data obtained for polydisperse samples. The magnetic heating and relaxometric studies of the monodisperse nanoparticles will enable the explanation of the heating mechanism and better insight into the spin-spin relaxivity.