Quasicrystal nucleation and Z module twin growth in an intermetallic glass-forming system


Using the electrostatic levitation method, we undercooled an NiZr melt and conducted an in-situ observation of the solidification process using a high-speed camera. Using the EBSD, RTG diffraction and HRTEM methods, we were the first to manage to describe the intermetallic glass-phase solidification process from individual atoms up to the macro-scale. We developed a tenfold twin model and demonstrated its relation to decagonal quazicrystals. In doing so, we contributed to the year-long controversial discussion about the relationship between quazicrystals and multiple twins.

Dendritic microstructure and a ten-fold twin model of solidified NiZr. Dendritic microstructure (left), a ten-fold twin model (middle) and the atomic distribution visible to atomic resolution electron microscopy (right) as observed for NiZr solidified from an undercooled melt (individual figures are not on the same scale).