Department of Spintronics and Nanoelectronics

Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Quenched nano-fragmented domain states of antiferromagnet explored with high spatial and temporal resolution (AFQuench) running GACR » International Bilateral Mgr. Kamil Olejník, Ph.D. 2021 2023
Ab-initio spintronics in unconventional magnetic materials running GACR » Junior Ing. Jakub Železný, Ph.D. 2019 2021
Terahertz and neuromorphic spintronics based on antiferromagnets (TERANEUS) running GACR » EXPRO prof. Tomáš Jungwirth, Ph.D. 2019 2023
Antiferromagntic spintronics (ASPIN) running EU-Horizon2020 » FET-OPEN prof. Tomáš Jungwirth, Ph.D. 2017 2021
LNSM - Laboratory of Spintronics (LNSM - LNSpin) ESIF » OP Research, Development and Education Ing. Vít Novák, CSc. 2017 2021
Max Planck Partner Group (MPPG) running Other programs » Other International Programs Ing. Jakub Železný, Ph.D. 2017 2019
Relativistic effects in the response of spin-polarized electrons to external fields GACR » Standard Dr. Karel Výborný 2015 2017
Centrum spintroniky GACR » Excellence in basic research prof. Tomáš Jungwirth, Ph.D. 2014 2018
Spin-charge conversion and spin caloritronics at hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces (SC2) EU-FP7 » ERC-SyG Dr. Jörg Wunderlich 2014 2020
Spintronics and spin-caloritronics in magnetic nanosystems (SpinCal) EU-Other » Other European Programs Dr. Jörg Wunderlich 2013 2016
Růst a zpracování gafenových vrstev na karbidu křemíku GACR » Standard Ing. Vlastimil Jurka 2011 2014
Spintronics based on relativistic phenomena in systems with zero magnetic moment (0MSPIN) EU-FP7 » ERC-ADG prof. Tomáš Jungwirth, Ph.D. 2011 2016