Quantum-dimensional and boron-doped nanodiamonds synthetized by HPHT process from molecular precursors


In the proposed project, we will employ bottom-up high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) process, capable of outstanding control over nanodiamond (ND) properties such as crystallinity, size, and dopants. We will investigate the mechanism of ND formation from adamantane derivatives and synthesize quantum-dimensional, sub-3 nm (q-dNDs) and electrically conductive (boron-doped; B-NDs) nanodiamonds. We will identify key parameters that will lead to easily processable product and finally to preparation of individual NDs colloids with well-defined size and composition. Investigation of the individual q-dNDs will bring fundamental knowledge of size-dependent relations between ND size and surface chemistry, colloidal and electronic properties, and structure. Investigation of B-NDs will elucidate B-doping impact on the surface chemistry, colloidal and optoelectronic properties. Understanding to colloidal properties of B-NDs will also enable us to form a conductive nucleation B-NDs film for subsequent CVD growth of B-doped diamond thin film with low contact resistance interface.