Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
Effect of surface treatments on the performance of silicon-based secondary materials in cementitious composites running GACR » Standard Mgr. Oleg Babčenko, Ph.D. 2023 2025
Growth and Radiation Mechanisms in Diamond Hybrid Detectors (GRaDe) running MEYS » INTER-ACTION prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2022 2025
Metal vacancies, their complexes and clusters in nitride semiconductors (VACCINES) running GACR » International Lead Agency Ing. Alice Hospodková, Ph.D. 2022 2024
Nanostructured conducting boron doped diamond electrodes for electrochemical studies AVCR (CAS) » Mobility Plus Projects prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2021 2022
Quantum-dimensional and boron-doped nanodiamonds synthetized by HPHT process from molecular precursors running GACR » International Bilateral Ing. Štěpán Stehlík, Ph.D. 2021 2023
Synthesis and characterization of diamond-2D TMDs functional heterostructures for sensing AVCR (CAS) » Mobility Plus Projects prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2021 2022
Advanced Microcantilevers from Wide Bandgap Materials (AMOMA) MEYS » Other prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2020 2021
Development of E-mode III-Nitride devices for Energy Optimized Agile Power Electronics MEYS » INTER-ACTION Ing. Alice Hospodková, Ph.D. 2020 2022
Interaction of simple & complex biomolecules with engineered diamond surfaces GACR » Junior RNDr. Pavla Hrmová, Ph.D. 2020 2022
Opto-electronic processes in photovoltaic structures interacting with nanodiamonds (SONDIAM) GACR » International Bilateral RNDr. Jan Čermák, Ph.D. 2020 2022
3D tištěné diamantové kompozitní komponenty pro účinnější energetiku TACR » THÉTA prof. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2019 2023
A way to quantum-sized diamonds GACR » Junior Ing. Štěpán Stehlík, Ph.D. 2018 2020