Electron transport in GaN based layers and low-dimensional structures


GaN based structures are promising systems e.g. for scintillators or high-power and high-frequency transistors. Even if these structures are designed for room temperature or high temperature applications, for understanding their electrical properties, especially those related to reduced dimension, it is necessary to study the structures at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Our group has shown that AC (capacitance) measurements allows us to obtain extended information in comparison with DC measurements, including an observation of the topological phase transition in the system exhibiting quantum Hall effect. The diploma work will focus on the experimental investigation of interfaces in GaN based systems using temperature dependent DC and AC magnetotransport (temperature range 0.3-800 K, magnetic field up to 10 T) aiming to establish low-dimensional properties of the structures. The samples will be prepared in cooperation with the LABONIT group of our department. A wide collection of high-level measuring instruments will be available for student’s experimental work.