The group focuses on basic and applied research on employing available analytical techniques, especially for the long-term development of advanced analyses, to analyze the prepared thin films and nanoparticles, including studies on phenomena at their interfaces.


Advanced techniques allow us to study, for example, morphology, surface-dependent optoelectronic properties, precise measurement of particle size distribution, colloidal properties, the chemical composition of constituent surface monolayers, etc.

We approach the analysis of materials and interfaces microscopically, spectroscopically and by performing colloidal properties analysis. Most instruments are equipped with advanced accessories that make them unique experimental devices for generating comprehensive knowledge of the studied effects and samples. Besides, in close cooperation with other research groups and departments at the Institute, we share several instrumentations such as SEM, Raman, XPS, TEM, thermogravimetry and others.

We adhere to the principle that the output of any analyses should not be a set of measured data but, above all, it should provide a comprehensive view of the manifestations of matter and the studied phenomena which are mutually supported by theoretical models.