Nanoparticles and Interfaces Research Group


The group focuses on basic and applied research on promising nanoparticles, mainly carbon-based nanoparticles, technologies for their fabrication, processing, targeted modification, and on studying their interfaces primarily using microscopic and spectroscopic methods.


The methods include mainly etching, disaggregation, fractionation, thermal and plasma processes in which we focus on the comprehensive understanding of the relationships between fabrication, structure, size, surface chemistry and colloidal properties of nanoparticles with potential use in biomedical, environmental, and optoelectronic applications.

We study optoelectronic phenomena at the interface and physico-chemical interactions of carbon nanoparticles with other materials, for example in the form of nanocomposites.

We have been developing microscopic and spectroscopic methods and the measurement of the size distribution of particles/colloidal properties on a long term basis in order to understand physical states and nanosize-related phenomena. In specific cases, we develop the methodology itself and its applicability with respect to the nature of the studied materials.