Ing. Štěpán Potocký, Ph.D.

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The group focuses on basic and applied research on the use of plasma processes for the pre- and post-processing of substrates and prepared layers and particles, especially carbon-based. Their surface functionalization is achieved by employing various low-temperature plasma methods and combining chemical with physical vapor deposition processes determined for the fabrication of novel heterostructures or composite systems consisting of thin films or nanoparticles conditioned for in-situ co-doping.


We investigate plasma processing methods to prepare hierarchically organized micro- and nano-structured surfaces or controllably tailor a material’s chemical and physical properties.

As part of surface functionalization, we focus on the study of the use of plasma modification at the atomic and molecular scales (levels) or as an intermediate step to achieve surface functionalization by large biomolecules (proteins, DNA, etc.) in order to improve their interaction with biosystems.

In the case of entirely new systems, we focus on the design, fabrication, and the characterization of the properties of their materials with a pre-defined chemical composition and crystalline structure determining their potential uses as biocompatible, electrochemical, photosensitive or photocatalytic coatings, etc.