The group focuses on basic and applied research on carbon-based layers and structures, especially diamond, prepared by plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition and on experimental investigation of deposition systems. We aim to understand the relationships between the process parameters of plasma-chemical processes and properties of synthesized materials.


As part of the pretreatment of substrates, we focus on the study of so-called nucleation to selectively deposit diamond micro-structures employing optimized functional diamond nanoparticles and also by stimulating the growth of desired carbon allotropes on defined substrates.

We investigate the deposition processes themselves to achieve tailored properties for further development and creation of passive and active optoelectronic, electrochemical and sensor elements fully operational under extreme conditions (aggressive chemical environments, high temperatures, radiation, power loading, etc.).

Deposition system Aixtron P6 with ellipsoidal cavity resonator and the large area deposition system AK 400 in configuration with linear antennas.