SDL-1 Monochromator

Monochromator SDL-1

SDL-1 Monochromator


SDL-1 Monochromator  (spectral range 180−6000 nm)

  • Light detection: photomultiplier tubes, Si, Ge, PbS, PbSe, InAs, InSb, HgCdTe
  • Pump sources: N₂ laser, Ar laser, HeNe laser, numerous semiconductor lasers, tunable laser Continuum Panther (215 nm - 2000 nm), An Excel Technology Company, USA

Low-temperature photoconductivity

  •     Photocurrent sensitivity min. 10-7 A
  •     Pump source: Tungsten lamp and MDR-23 monochromator (spectral range 180−12000 nm)
  •     Optical cryostat Utrex (temperature range 4.2−300 K, and superfluid He)