The laboratory of analytical chemistry is focused on the use of methods of high performance liquid chromatography to determine the chemical purity of organic materials. It is also equipped with preparative high-pressure chromatographic columns for removing of hardly separable impurities from newly prepared materials.
We are intensively engaged in the development of separation methods on modern chiral columns for checking the optical purity of newly prepared liquid crystalline materials.
In the synthesis of optically active materials, the optical rotation of input materials and products is controlled by polarimetry.

In the area of ​​inorganic analysis according to the needs of individual scientific departments of the Institute, we perform decomposition of samples of both oxidic and metallic materials and subsequent determination of both the content of basic components in the order of percent and the amount of impurities present in the materials up to concentrations in ppm.

The laboratory also closely cooperates with individual scientific departments in the preparation of chemical reagents, etching solutions, cleaning and preparation of electrolytes according to specific requirements. We provide consulting services in the field of chemical analysis of materials, we also measure pH of solutions and preparation of demineralized water.

Set for chiral, achiral and preparative high performance liquid chromatography
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame atomization