Name Provider and programme Investigator from FZU Year of commencement Year of completion
High-performance magnets with reduced content of "critical" rare-earth (CEPMAG) running GACR » Standard Ing. Aleksandr Šik, DSc. 2024 2026
Superconducting nanohybrids out of equilibrium (SNOOQ) running GACR » International Lead Agency Mgr. Vladislav Pokorný, Ph.D. 2023 2025
Computer Aided Desing of Templated Assembling, Replication and Synthesis on Ionic Substrates (CADTARSIS) running GACR » JUNIOR STAR Ing. Prokop Hapala, Ph.D. 2022 2026
Magnetism and electronic structure of actinides tuned by ionicity running GACR » Standard Mgr. Jindřich Kolorenč, Ph.D. 2021 2024
Controllable GHz-THz nonlinear optics in semiconductor superlattices GACR » Standard Mgr. Hynek Němec, Ph.D. 2019 2021
Aktuální problémy teorie manipulace spinové polarizace v objemových a vrstevnatých systémech GACR » Standard RNDr. František Máca, CSc. 2018 2020
Magnetism and electronic structure in uranium systems with charge transfer GACR » Standard Mgr. Jindřich Kolorenč, Ph.D. 2018 2021
Spin and orbital magnetism of rare-earth dopants GACR » Standard Ing. Aleksandr Šik, DSc. 2018 2021
Nano-identification of ductile-brittle behavior in bcc iron: multiscale computational approaches and experiment (Nano-identifikace - ÚT AVČR) GACR » Standard RNDr. Jiří Vackář, CSc. 2017 2019
Stochastická termodynamika molekulárních systémů: klasicky a kvantově GACR » Standard RNDr. Mgr. Karel Netočný, Ph.D. 2017 2021
Excitonic magnetism in strongly correlated materials (EXMAG) EU-Horizon2020 » ERC-CoG 2015 2020
Nanoscale magnetic phenomena driven by electron correlations GACR » International Bilateral Mgr. Jindřich Kolorenč, Ph.D. 2015 2018