Determination of atomic boron concentration in heavily boron-doped diamond by Raman spectroscopy


This article presents novel analysis of the characteristic Raman spectrum of heavily boron-doped diamond based on the study of the large amount of Raman spectra available in the literature. This analysis shows that the shift and the broadening of the diamond Raman peak results from the Fano and phonon confinement effects due to the high concentration of boron impurities. This method opens the road for determination of atomic boron concentration in diamond by simple and non-destructive Raman characterization.


Normalized reduced Raman spectra are modeled using Electronic Raman Scattering (ERS) and decoupled double Fano-function formalism to determine the unperturbed position and width, and asymmetric coupling coefficient of the phonon density of states (PDoS) maximum peak and the diamond zone-center phonon (ZCP) line. The broadening of the diamond line is due to phonon confinment (1) and Fano effect (2). The full-width at half maximum (FWHM) of the diamond peak prior to the Fano effect, i.e. the unperturbed width, allows the determineation of the boron concentration in diamond

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