Diamond enhanced microelectrode arrays for neural recording


Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are extensively used to record and stimulate neural cell activity of both in vitro and in vivo. The electrode material is considered to be a key element for successful recording. The optimal material for electrode should be mechanically stable, biocompatible, enable low-noise recording and allow easy surface chemical functionalization. Boron doped diamond (BDD) fulfils many criteria for successful neuro-electrode materials and was used by many research groups for recording in vivo and in vitro neuronal signals. It was demonstrated that diamond is a suitable substrate for long-term culture of neurons and boron doping does not adversely affect its role as a cellular substrate. This project aims at development of new material for MEAs based on BDD. The properties of the material will be optimized to achieve high adhesion of neural cells and enable high sensitivity-long term recording of neural signals and prolonged use of MEAs. The project focuses on the study of the electrode-neuron interface, MEA signal processing and application of BDD MEAs for pharmacological studies.