Mesoscale modeling of light transmission modulation in ceramics


We present a modeling approach for predicting spatially-resolved properties of polycrystalline ceramics. The model yields excellent agreement with experimental results obtained for Al2O3, Ce-doped Y3Al5O12 and ZnS. Simulations of the transmission modulation under applied electromechanical fields predict switching from full transparency to opacity, in some instances. The results of this investigation highlight a remarkable promise of functional microceramics for a range of advanced applications.

Dielectric displacement through the structural model of polymorphic ZnS
Magnitude of the electric displacement field shown by the color bar and its vector direction is visualized with arrows. The polycrystalline sample exhibits a mixture of wurtzite and sphalerite phases in the grains. This particularly sample shown is under 0.4% compression out of plane of the image.

Contact person: John Mangeri
Collaborating institutions: Department of Physics, University of Connecticut, United States.