Two researchers from the Institute of Physics have become Doctors of Science

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Two diplomas confirming the highest achievable qualification in a scientist’s career – Doctor of Sciences – has been handed over by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Eva Zažímalová to two employees from the Institute of Physics: RNDr. Stanislav Kamba, CSc., DSc., and Mgr. Marek Taševský, Ph.D., DSc.

Before a jury for Condensed Systems Physics, RNDr. Stanislav Kamba, CSc., DSc. successfully defended a dissertation titled “Soft-mode spectroscopy of ferroelectrics and multiferroics”, which earned him the academic title Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics.

This prime expert in high-frequency dielectric spectroscopy has made a significant contribution to our understanding of ferroelectrics with a hydrogen bond; relaxor materials based on lead; and the mechanism of phase transitions in multiferroics. Multiferroics are very promising materials for practical applications and related basic research – from new memory elements to the study of early stages of the development of the universe.

Scientific title Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics has also been earned by Mgr. Marek Taševský, Ph.D., DSc., for the dissertation titled “High Energy Soft QCD and Diffraction”. He defended his thesis before the jury for Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Mathematical Physics.

The dissertation by Marek Taševský deals with high-energy hadron collisions investigated within a greater international cooperation on Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN with focus on the production of Higgs boson and top quarks states; internal proton structure; and the search for dark matter. The thesis combines theoretical and experimental techniques and its results represent an important contribution to our understanding of physical properties of elementary particles governed by the laws of quantum chromodynamics.

The title is awarded by the Czech Academy of Sciences based on a decision of the Scientific Council of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The decision is based on the results of a demanding peer-review procedure to evaluate each submitted dissertation. Between 2003 and June 2021, the Academy awarded a total of 203 of the titles.

Dr. Kamba’s Dissertation thesis

Dr. Taševský’s Dissertation thesis