Apparatus for microwave spectroscopy

Apparatus for microwave spectroscopy

Impedance analyzer AGILENT 4291B, frequency range 1 MHz – 1.8 GHz, coaxial technique suitable for high-permittivity, middle and high lossy dielectric materials, temperature range 100 – 450 K with Sigma System 18 temperature chamber.

Network analyzer AGILENT E8364B, frequency range 50 MHz – 50 GHz, resonance technique suitable for dielectric measurements of low- and high-loss bulks, of high-permittivity ferroelectric thin films on low-loss substrates or ferromagnetic resonance without external magnetic field. Temperature range 10 – 400 K (Janis closed cycle helium cryostat).

Network analyzer Keysight E5061B, frequency range 5 Hz – 3 GHz coaxial technique, temperature range with Cold Edge closed cycle cryostat 10 – 400 K. Measurement of dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability of bulks.