Novel Functionality of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys by Magnetic Hysteresis Control (FUNMAH)


In this project we want to built comprehensive understanding of all the possible novel functionality in MSMAs resulting from the enlarged MAH and to demonstrate all the novel functionality experimentally. In Ni-Mn-Ga-(B) alloys, we will identify the causes of enlarged MAH and will explain the physical mechanisms underlaying the demonstrated or envisaged novel functionality. Using the gained knowledge, we will adjust the alloy composition and production process and will produce new alloys, in which the novel functionality will be well exposed. The new alloys will be characterized in order to demonstrate the novel functionality in full and to complete the understanding of underlaying physical mechanisms. To best show the advantages of the novel functionality to industrial community and general public, we will build demo applications using the new alloys.

 This project is financed by EU.

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